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SOTA is not inherently a competitive activity, it's about individual aspirations and working towards a goal at your own pace. However, it can be fun to see how your progress compares with that of others, hence we publish our Honour Roll on the internet.

Please help us to keep this page up-to-date by regularly submitting your SOTA logs.

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Summit to Summit ContactsPointsView
12E0YYY6291972 View
2G4ASA313993 View
3M1EYP221788 View
4M0JLA221725 View
5G1INK127553 View
6G4ISJ102552 View
7G6DTN105515 View
8M0KCB81454 View
9M1MAJ95418 View
10M3ZCB95413 View
112E0XYL103407 View
12G4OBK73326 View
13G0HIO54323 View
14M6BWA80297 View
15G6WRW52248 View
16G4OOE47243 View
17G3RDQ47232 View
18G4UXH29220 View
19G4AZS39209 View
20M0HCU68204 View
21G1FOA39201 View
22G6ODU50199 View
23G4TJC45195 View
242E0MIX29185 View
25M1BUU38180 View
26M0YDH48178 View
27M0HGY52173 View
282E0NON30165 View
29G7LAS34156 View
30G0IBE44129 View
31G0EVV27105 View
32G4AFI2398 View
33G4MD2794 View
342E0RWB1192 View
35G3NYY1884 View
36G7KXZ1481 View
=36M6WAU1281 View
38G0VWP1872 View
392E0TDX2471 View
40M6BLV2166 View
41M0TTE1564 View
42M0TYM1460 View
=422e0yvx1960 View
=42G0LGS2360 View
45m0vfr1655 View
46M6EPW1254 View
47M0COP852 View
48M6UXH649 View
49G8XYJ1445 View
50M0OAT1244 View
51G3VQO743 View
=51M1EYO1243 View
53G4CCQ641 View
54G8ADD840 View
55G6HFF538 View
=55M3TMX638 View
57G7ADF1137 View
58M0YHB635 View
=58M0VCM935 View
=58G3TJE835 View
61M0XMC532 View
62G0HRT931 View
63G7TAS930 View
=63M0AYB630 View
65M0WMD628 View
=65M6RGF528 View
=65M0USV728 View
=65M6HBT828 View
=65M1CNL1028 View
=65M0RSF428 View
71M0HIQ627 View
=71G6MML1127 View
73M0NVJ926 View
=732E1HTG626 View
75G8TMV825 View
=75M1MPB425 View
77G1JPV723 View
782e0edl222 View
79M0KWM721 View
80M6XDY420 View
=80M6GGZ620 View
82G0RQL419 View
=82M0SSD319 View
84G1ZJQ518 View
=84M6PEW518 View
86M0GIA217 View
87M0JZH415 View
=872E0RGE515 View
=872E0NSR315 View
90M0UKD313 View
=90M0SCU213 View
92M0MST112 View
93G8MIA111 View
=93G4DDL211 View
=93M6TJC411 View
96G1TPO110 View
97G8HXE19 View
=97G4ZRP39 View
99G6MZX28 View
=99G0NMD28 View
=99M1FHM38 View
102G6LKB17 View
=1022E0SEY37 View
=102M6LKB17 View
105G2ARY26 View
=105G1UKY16 View
107M6HPL15 View
=107G6TUH25 View
=107M0XRS25 View
=107M6TBO15 View
=1072E0PCF15 View
112G6GGP14 View
=112M6ILO14 View
=112G8XDD24 View
=112G6UYG44 View
116M0ZGB13 View
=116M1VHT13 View
=1162E0ILO13 View
=116M0PJA13 View
120G4ELZ12 View
=120M0GKG12 View
=120M0KWM12 View
=120M0KLO22 View
=120M6YAH22 View
=120M0MOL12 View